Earn from Home with PTC sites

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Working from the comfort of your own home is what most people desire. You are your own boss, more family time who won’t want it right? Online jobs can also be helpful for people who want some extra bucks, a source of passive income. If you are among those who have less time to spare and want to do some easy work online to earn some extra money then you can try PTC site. Want to know more about it, walk through with me to get more insight on PTC sites and how you can earn through it.

What is PTC site?

PTC simply means paid to click sites, these websites are advertising for different companies which pay money to view advertisement online. In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest online job available without investing a single penny from your pocket.


So, now you must be thinking “How do PTC site work?” Actually, it’s very simple, online web marketers need visitors to their blogs or website. They need to advertise their website to promote their services or products and paid to click sites provides a platform for them to get visitors. As PTC sites already have tons of registered user from all around the globe online marketer get a good place to promote their website and for this, online marketer pay to the PTC sites and PTC site pay to the user or member that will be YOU.

These PTC programs also offer surveys, you can earn by taking up these surveys. Some PTC sites also have mini-jobs, finish the mini job and get credit. So, apart from clicking advertisement, there are different jobs available within this paid to click sites through which you can earn money and this varies from PTC site to site. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to be an expert on something, you just need your computer and Internet connection that’s it.

Do PTC sites really pay?

YES, they do pay. The only thing you should remember is to look for legit PTC site as PTC world is full of scams. OK, so now you know that if you work for legit PTC you will get paid, but HOW will you receive the money?

Every PTC site has a minimum amount to pay you out. Once you reach that minimum amount you can request for payout. Since this PTC are available to people all around the globe and most of PTC site has headquarter either in North America or in Europe so they usually don’t pay you by check instead they pay you through online payment system like PayPal. So, make sure you have an account in one of the online payment systems, this is really important. My advice to you will be to create an account in PTC site with the same e-mail id with which you have your online payment site account.

Pros and Cons of PTC sites

Now, let us discuss some pros and cons.


  • Free registration
  • No restriction of the country (anyone from anywhere can register)
  • No skill needed
  • Work from the comfort of home
  • No investment required
  • Start earning right after you sign up
  • User-friendly


  • Less earning (at least in the beginning)
  • World of scam

Be Careful SCAMS are very common

There are a thousand of PTC site available and it is the common place for scam. As it is one of the easiest job online a lot of people take advantage of it. Awareness and sensible decision can keep you away from scams. So how to know whether a site is legit or scam. The first step would be to prepare a list of PTC site then narrow down your list by following these few points which you should keep in mind before signing up or working for a PTC site:

  • Check how old the website is: Try to sign up for the site which is at least old than 2 years. WHY? Because a fraud site won’t stay active there for a long time. Some new site can also be genuine but it’s better not to take a risk. If there are new sites and they are offering payment proofs trying to prove that they actually pay, trust me payment proof doesn’t always mean they are genuine.
  • Check how active the forum is: A legitimate site will have a forum to help its members. Forums are created to provide a platform for all the member to interact and solve problems. More the member more active the forum, you can read such forums even before signing up for the website. Every legitimate site will have a forum as there is nothing to fear about because they are legit.
  • Check for the referral program: Every legitimate PTC site will have a good referral program as it’s the best possible way to increase the members. More member means more popularity so every legit site offers a good referral program.
  • Check for the support system: Always make sure that there is any contact form or contact address of the admin. Try to ask a question and see how long they take to answer you back. Point is if they are really serious about their business they will be active to reply you soon, at least you will get an automated message telling you that your query has been submitted. If you don’t get a response soon then it’s pretty sure that the website will disappear soon.

Join only those site which has these features, if you have doubt in any of the aspects it’s always better to stay away from those sites.

Things you should keep in mind

Before starting there are few important things which you should make a note of:

  • Do not use ad block as you won’t be able to see the ads
  • Follow the instruction of the website otherwise, you might get banned
  • Make sure to have an account on online payment site like PayPal
  • Try to login in every day and spend at least 15 minutes
  • Don’t rely only on clicks go for surveys as well as mini jobs to make more out of the site

PTC sites: Final remark

I really believe PTC sites are a great way to start online job venture without investment. The only thing one should remember is that it’s not an instant get rich scheme, the earning is way too less so you have wait till you are able to get referrals and earn decent money. It’s not for people who want to leave their day job to work full time online. I will recommend PTC sites to those who have a bit of spare time and want to make use of it.

In my upcoming posts I will give you review on some legit PTC sites and the one I prefer most. So, stay tuned.

If you have any question or suggestion do leave them below and I will be more than happy to lend a hand.

Thanks for dropping by.