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Nothing can be better than working and earning from the comfort of your house. No boss, No time-dependent work, Inside your comfort zone. But, this world of paradise is not always true. Online jobs are full of scams and it’s difficult to find a legit online job which stands for what it promised. As a newbie, you should be very careful while searching for a legit online job. Walk along with me in this article as I pen down the goods and the bads of online job.

Online jobs from Home, too good to be true

Online jobs work from home, I mean what can be better than this right? If you are a skeptical person like I was then you might be thinking working from the comfort of your house is too good to be true. But the reality is if you are in the right place and with right people, this can be a reality. 

YES, I know there are scams and they are a lot, it wasn’t an easy path for me as well. I also stumbled upon so many fake websites, fake promises but now I know if you are careful and walk down in right place you can find legit work and earn. So, just be a bit careful while searching for online jobs and don’t lose hope there are legit online jobs available which pay well.

Be Aware and Protect yourself from Online Scams

While trying to find online jobs one should be careful and avoid online scams. How can you protect yourself? There are different ways by which you can save yourself from online scams, based on my experience so far I have listed a few ways:

  • Control your emotion: Many of us who look for online opportunity are either struggling with their day to day financial crisis or looking for passive income to support education or family. Our desperate need make us fall for the scam, the scammers play with your emotion and need. More desperate we are, more idiotic decision we will make. So, even if you are in desperate search of online job try to keep your head calm and clear. Have patience and things will improve.
  • Use your sense better: Keep your mind open, if you see a very appealing job proposal offering you more than the work you are supposed to do then something is wrong. It might not be correct for every case but I feel in most of the case there would be something wrong.
  • Search and research: If you come across a certain opportunity which looks too good to be true then do a research on that site. Check for the reviews not one but at least 4 or 5, compare what pro and cons mentioned in that reviews. The more you search, the more you will have information about the job and then you can decide whether it is a legit or scam.
  • Never pay: Did you ever hear that employer ask an employee to pay? No, right. If this is the situation in real life the situation is online job is also same, so, never pay any money if the job website asks you to pay money and try to lure you to give something big. Though in case of some legit website also you might have to pay, in a legit website you will pay to have course and training.

These are some of the ways by which you can avoid online scams. The key to this is to have an open mind and do complete homework about the online job before taking any step.

What kind of online jobs are available

There are a lot of online jobs available. Don’t get scared if you don’t have expertise in something, there are a lot of online jobs for which you don’t need prior experience. Some of the online jobs include:

  • Online freelancing job
  • Online writing job
  • Blogging
  • Captcha solving job
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online survey job
  • Ad clicking job
  • Amazon job
  • Online data entry job
  • Online transcription job
  • Stock and forex trading

Here, I have listed a few online jobs, in my upcoming posts, I would tell you more about each kind of jobs. Apart from the above-listed jobs, there are other kinds of online jobs available as well.


There is a proverb saying there are two sides of every coin, therefore, we should always consider both the side. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of online jobs:


  • You are the boss
  • Job flexibility
  • More time for family and friend
  • Work from anywhere and everywhere


  • A lot of distraction
  • Working in the same place
  • Need extreme self-discipline
  • Feeling of loneliness

Self Awareness and Self Discipline is the key to success

Every day millions of people search the internet to find an online job. Online jobs can be a great source of passive income but it is full of scams as well. Since you don’t know who is on the other side of the computer it is difficult to find a legit online job that pays well. But if you are little careful in finding an opportunity in the online world you can make money and can even leave your 9 to 5 job. Yes, this can be a reality just do your research about the online and be careful to avoid scams.

With my experience, I can say that online jobs from home can be a reality. Though there are pros and cons I feel the biggest advantage is YOU ARE THE BOSS. Your success or failure lies in your hand, maintain your self-discipline and strive towards success.

If need help with something or would like to share your experience do leave comments below. I will be happy to listen from you or to lend a hand.

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